How to Build a Blog with Wix – a Complete Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

It’s 2019 and Video Blogging (Vlog) is getting more popular than blogging nowadays. 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies made the internet speed tremendous and so the blog audiences switched to vlog slowly. But we can not neglect the value of blogging and articles on the internet. In this article, we discuss the steps for building a blog using Wix.

Google the search engine giant is getting more than 228 million searches per hour. So Google and other search engines want to deliver the relevant content to the user. So where does Google gets the data to show them? Yes! From the blogs and websites that we have listed in Search engines.

A lot of people are passionate about some topics and ready to share them but, struggling to set up their own blog in the internet world.

Today starting and maintaining a blog is not that much tough. It does not require an IT professional or developer to set up a blog. We can easily start it withing minutes.

I have listed some Content Management Systems(CMSs) and blogging platforms which help us to create a blog in easy steps.

But before starting using any of these, we must understand a lot more about blogging and it’s opportunities.

What is a Blog

We already discussed a lot of matters about a blog and blogging. But some of us are not even aware of those words. A blog, the short form of the weblog is a place on the internet where information about a topic or topics are posted in chronological order. In a blog, the contents are posted frequently with new information.

What are the Benefits of Starting a Blog

Blogging has a lot of benefits and in this article, we are going to learn 5 of them.

  1. We become a good content writer.
  2. We learn a lot.
  3. We can earn money from a blog.
  4. Blogging increases our creativity.
  5. It can also give us better job offerings.

Why Wix?

We already discussed some Content Management Systems and Website/blog builders in that we can be used to build blogs.

Choosing the best website or blog builder from this list is a tough task.

You might be thinking that why I prefer Wix in building a blog.

  • You are offered a drag and drop option with the help of which you would be able to use it quickly and efficiently. This feature also makes this website builder very beginner-friendly.
  • This website builder also offers a Free version plus a Free trial with the help of which you can know more about this builder.
  • Other than blogs, it is the best option for creating websites, blogs, and online stores.
  • Using Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) the designing task gets easier and lighter.
  • Wix offers more than 600 themes to design the best website or blog.
  • There are a lot of articles and videos that will help you while building a blog with Wix. So you won’t be stuck anywhere.

Steps for Building a Blog with Wix

Now it’s time to enter into our topic, Steps for starting a blog with Wix. We are discussing the steps in the simplest manner to make the beginners conscious about what they are doing.

1. Go to Wix and Create an Account

The first step to start a blog in Wix is to create an account. So, go to and press the Sign In button.

An alternative link: We could also make use of the Wix blog page that directly access the most suitable page for blogging.

A Sign Up modal will popup. Register for an account using Email or Facebook or Google. If we already have an account, just Log In.

2. Click on the Create New Site Button

After a successful login, It directs us to the home page and we can see a button named Create New Site. Click on it.

3. Select the Type of Website

When creating a new website with Wix, the first step is selecting the type. Because we are creating a blog, select the blog option.

4. Choose How We Want to Create our Website

Wix provides two methods to design our website.

  1. Using Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  2. Using Wix Editor(Drag and Drop).

Using ADI, Wix creates a stunning design for our website using its artificial intelligence. Here it asks some questions and we need to answer it. That’s all.

The other method of designing a website in Wix is using its editor. Here we can drag and drop the elements and create our own template.

In this guide, we are going with the first method because it’s the quicker way of designing a website template.

5. Answer the Questions

Because we have selected the ADI method, it asks some questions to set up our blog. We need to give the answers which describe our needs.

5.1 What type of site do you want to create?

Here we can choose the type of site we are going to build from a list of categories. In this guide, we are going with the Travel Blog.

5.2 What do you need on your new website?

The website/blog that we are going to build may require some additional features such as Chat, Bookings, etc. If so we can choose them in this step. Right now, we are skipping it.

5.3 What is the name of your blog?

Now enter a name for our blog. Here we have named the blog “Yatra”. We also have an option to skip the step and add the name later.

5.4 Do you want to import your images and text?

If we are already running a website, we can import all its contents and media into the blog we are building right now. Because we are starting a blog the first time, the skip button will be the better choice.

5.5 Review and edit your info

In the last step, there is an option to verify the details we have given.

6. Pick a Homepage Design

Wix ADI shows us some homepage designs and we can pick one from it which is suitable for our blog.

7. Design Our Blog

In this section, we can precisely design our blog using drag and drop. 100s of components, images, styles, etc. will help us in this.

8. Publish Our Blog

If the designing is completed, we can publish our blog. This can be done in two ways.

  1. Using a domain
  2. Connecting our own custom domain

Now we are going with the first option because connecting a custom domain requires a premium plan. We can do it later.

9. Access Our Blog

So we have published our blog successfully and it can be accessed with the below URL(Free domain).

10. Create a Blog Post

Now we can start writing content on our blog. So in My SItes tab, we can see the list of websites/blogs we have created using Wix. Just click on the project.

It directs us to to the dashboard of our project. Here we can see a Blog menu in the sidebar. Select it.

So we have reached the admin panel of our blogging section. Here we can create posts using the Create New Post button(Top Right).

A nice and neat editor window will pop up and we can start writing our content.

10.1 Post Settings

On the Right Top of our content editor, we can see a Post Settings button and there we get some advanced features for our post such as adding a Cover image, Categories, SEO, etc.

10.1.1 General

In this section, we can edit the Post Publish Date, Author name, an Excerpt, and Cover image.

10.1.2 Categories

Here we get options to Add new categories and include the post under a category.

10.1.3 SEO

Here in this section, we can change the Post URL, meta name, meta description, etc.

11. Connecting Our Blog to a Custom Domain

We have set up our blog and it is also published in the free domain below.

Now the next and important step is to connect our blog to a custom domain name.

To do this, we need to upgrade to premium. A free domain is also included with the Premium plan of Wix.

To upgrade, Go to our site’s dashboard(as in Step 10). We can see an Upgrade to the Premium card there. Now Press the Upgrade Now button.

Select the plan which is suitable for us.

We can see an option to pay 1-year subscription fee.

Complete the purchase using a Credit/Debit card.


So, building a blog with Wix is an easy task for all by following this guide. The person only needs a piece of basic knowledge of computers and the internet. But we need to choose the best blogging platform by ourselves.

If we are a developer or have a basic idea of programming or coding, WordPress will suit us the best. We can download WordPress, start a blog, and host our blog on our own server.

Storylens will be the best option for you to start a blog without any risks. Because their team will set up a blog in minutes for us. We don’t need to worry about development, setting up, and hosting, etc.

We can also consider, Squarespace, Ghost, and Blogger platforms before starting our blog.

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