Installing Visual Studio Code on Windows 10

Which is the best source code editor available right now? Without no doubt, we can say that it’s Visual Studio code or simply VS code. VS code is an open-source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.

It has built-in support for TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js and almost all programing language/library/framework based plugins are available in VS studio right now. Debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, etc. are some of the other features.

VS code Insiders

VS code insiders edition is nothing but the beta version of VS code. That is we get the latest features and bug fixes in VS code insiders edition first. But it needs to pay attention that the new features may be unstable and have bugs in it.

This version allows us to test the new features, extensions and we can also report the issues/bugs in it.

It won’t allow us to upgrade from VS code Insiders to VS code stable easily. We need to install the VS code stable version separately.

We can also install both VS code and VS code insiders edition in our system if we prefer.


Here we are going to install the stable version of VS code on our Windows system.


Download the Setup File

VS code can be simply installed on Windows 10 with the setup file. So we need to download the setup file from the official website.

After opening the website, click on the Download for Windows button. This will download the VS code Setup Wizard on our system as an EXE file.

Run the VS code Setup Wizard

So the VS code Setup Wizard is downloaded successfully and we need to run it. Run the file by referring to the screenshots provided below.

Close All Other Applications

At first, it recommends that we need to close all other application before the VS code installation starts. It is not mandatory.

Accept the License Agreement

In this step, read the license agreement and choose whether we accept it or not. But the installation continues only after we accept the agreement.

Select the Installation Location

Choose the location in our system to install the VS code. If we are not bothering about the location, go with the default location. But, at least 203.4 MB of free disk space is required in the selected location.

Placing the Shortcuts

As a default, the VS code shortcut will be placed in the Start Menu folder. We can change the destination or skip creating shortcuts.

Selecting Additional Tasks

We get a bunch of additional tasks to be performed before the installation begins. Choose tasks we prefer and continue.

Install VS code

So we have set up everything and the VS code can be installed on our system now.

Finish and Launch

After the successful installation, we can launch the VS code on our system.

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