What Is Lorem Ipsum and How to Use It in Our Project

Some of us see “Lorem Ipsum” titles or paragraphs in websites that are in construction. In most cases, we do not care about it because of assuming that the site may be in another language. So what is Lorem Ipsum? Is it an alien language?

What is Lorem Ipsum

Simply, Lorem Ipsum is placeholder text used by desktop publishers and graphic designers in their work if the real content is not ready or available.

That is Lorem Ipsum is nothing but some dummy text to make feel our design/project filled with contents. So, as a designer, we get an exact idea about our design after including contents in it. Also, our clients can prepare contents by analyzing the design.

Below, I have shown some Lorem Ipsum text as an example.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Dolor sed viverra ipsum nunc aliquet bibendum enim. In massa tempor nec feugiat. Nunc aliquet bibendum enim facilisis gravida.

Why Do We Need to Use It?

In Desktop Publishing Field(DTP), Lorem Ipsum was needed for print to know what amount of space the content will take up before you actually have the content.

If we are designing a website, mobile application, or desktop application, it can be used to fill the blank space to get an exact idea about the final product.

For example, one of our client demand that he needs a basic design of a website for his restaurant. But he did not give you the details about his restaurant such as name, captions, about info, contact details because he simply wanted to see a design.

So, can we fill those fields in that design? Yes… we can type anything using our keyboard. But it will waste a lot of effort and the pages may look a little bit messy. And there comes the use of Lorem Ipsum. We can generate/copy some contents suitable to fill the portion of our website design.

How to Use It in Our Project

Using or adding lorem ipsum in our project is an easy task. Currently, a lot of websites provide us Lorem Ipsum contents for free. I have listed some of them.

1. https://loremipsum.io/

In this website, we can generate our own Lorem Ipsum contents. We can select the number of paragraphs when generating contents.

2. https://www.lipsum.com/

We can copy Lorem Ipsum contents from this website and paste it in our website very easily.

We can also generate Lorem Ipsum contents by limiting the paragraphs, words, bytes, lists, etc.

3. https://getlorem.com/

Getlorem also let us use Lorem Ipsum contents by copying or generating them.

Some Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Lorem Ipsum contents are industry standard to use it in our project. But we get bored by seeing the same Lorem Ipsum contents in plenty of projects. So some funny Lorem Ipsum generators are available today to make our clients more impressed with our design. But confirm that the client we are handling has a sense of humor. I have listed some funny Lorem Ipsum generators below.

1. https://pirateipsum.me/

2. http://www.cupcakeipsum.com/

3. http://www.picksumipsum.co.uk/

Generating Lorem Ipsum Using VS code Editor

We have discussed a lot of ways of using Lorem Ipsum in our project. We can also add them to our project using VS code editor. This can be done using the below plugin.


Generating Lorem Ipsum Using Packages

Some pre-build packages help us to generate Lorem Ipsum contents on our project.


If we are working with a Nodejs project we can use an NPM package to generate the dummy contents.

npm i lorem-ipsum
import { LoremIpsum } from "lorem-ipsum"; 
const lorem = new LoremIpsum({   sentencesPerParagraph: {     max: 8,     min: 4   },   wordsPerSentence: {     max: 16,     min: 4   } }); 



We can also do the same with Composer if we are working with a PHP project.

composer require badcow/lorem-ipsum
$generator = new Badcow\LoremIpsum\Generator(); 
$paragraphs = $generator->getParagraphs(5); 
echo implode('<p>', $paragraphs); 


So we have discussed Lorem Ipsum and it’s usages. Copy/Paste the contents from Lorem Ipsum websites to our site is the easiest way. But, package managers like NPM, Composer, etc. make it simpler. Code editors like VS code also enable us an option to add Lorem Ipsum with plugins.

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