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Installing Visual Studio Code on Windows 10

Which is the best source code editor available right now? Without no doubt, we can say that it’s Visual Studio code or simply VS code. VS code is an open-source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms. It has built-in support for TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js and almost all programing language/library/framework […]


Adding an Existing Project to GitHub or Bitbucket

There are lots of hosting service providers for version control using Git like Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Sourceforge, Launchpad etc. But Here I am only explaining two of them. Github and Bitbucket. GitHub Inc. is a web-based hosting service for version control using Git. It is mostly used for computer code. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git […]

amp WordPress

How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

Did you ever feel that websites with rich contents are taking more time to load on your mobile device? Yes. It takes more time to load a rich content website on mobile than your desktop. Because CSS and JavaScripts take some to run on mobile devices compared with a desktop. So, in mobile view, we […]

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