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Host Multiple Websites on Single Cloud Server with Apache

If we own a cloud server with a medium or high specification, we can host multiple websites in it with different domain names. If we need to host a web app backend on any cloud server, it does require an HTTP web server. The most popular HTTP servers available are Apache and NGINX. Here we […]

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Create a React App with WordPress REST API

The popularity graph of PHP is getting poor nowadays. Developers are in love with the technologies such as Nodejs, Python etc. But we couldn’t neglect that WordPress, a Content Management System(CMS) platform written in PHP is still the topper by powering over 30% of the whole websites. WordPress was released on May 27 2003, and […]

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How to Setup Google AMP in WordPress

Did you ever feel that websites with rich contents are taking more time to load on your mobile device? Yes. It takes more time to load a rich content website on mobile than your desktop. Because CSS and JavaScripts take some to run on mobile devices compared with a desktop. So, in mobile view, we […]

React Native WordPress

How to Create a React Native App for Your WordPress Blog Using WP-API

React Native App for Your WordPress Blog Using WP-API | We all know that the popularity graph of PHP is going down nowadays comparing Python, Node.js etc. Because of that, nowadays PHP is limited to WordPress mostly. But WordPress is a giant than we think. As we already know it is a free and open-source content management […]

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