Which Machine Learning Algorithm Should We Use?

From the time machine learning has been introduced to this world, several things have been changed. Moreover, there are different types of machine learning algorithms that have been created, and it has become confusing to choose the best machine learning algorithm for yourself.

But here in this article, we are going to talk about some of the top machine learning algorithms along with their proper usage, and hence it will help you a lot in finding the best option for you.

So do follow this article till the end to know everything about machine learning and it’s algorithms.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a small application of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this system, you would be able to make your computer systems a kind of ability with the help of which they would be able to learn and improve their systems automatically.

Moreover, the main reason because of which machine learning was created is to develop computer programs. However, in older systems, we have to develop our systems by coding, but with the help of machine learning, our computer systems would be able to develop themselves automatically.

Four Types of Machine Learning

There are a total of 4 types of machine learning, let us have a look at all of them-

  • The first type of supervised machine learning and this is a kind of system with the help of which you would be able to know about the future event results by having a look at previous events and results. 
  • The second type is unsupervised machine learning, and in this case, you would have to use unlabeled information for training purposes.
  • Here’s the third type of machine learning, and that is semi-supervised machine learning, and this is a type of machine learning which has features of both supervised and unsupervised.
  • The fourth type of machine learning is reinforcement machine learning, and this is a kind of machine learning algorithm that interacts with its environment and hence works on its actions.

Top Machine Learning Algorithms

Here we are going to have a look at some of the top machine learning algorithms, from which we can choose the best one for ourselves.

  1. Linear Regression In this type of algorithm, you would be able to notice that output variables and input variables are expressed as y = a + bx, with the help of which we can know about the value of a & b. 
  2. Logistic Regression If you are dealing with binary data sets, then logistic regression is the best available machine learning algorithm for you. In this case, you can get data sets where y = 0 or 1.  
  3. CART Classification And Regression Trees(CART) is one of the implementation methods of decision trees.
  4. Naive Bayes This is a kind of machine learning algorithm in which everything is assumed that all the variables are independent of each other. 
  5. KNN This is a kind of algorithm that uses and takes advantage of complete data set as a training set.


Here we have come to the end of this article in which we discussed all Machine learning, and along with that, we also had a look at some of the top mobile learning algorithms.

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