How to Install and Set Up Proton Native on Ubuntu 19.04

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How to Install and Set Up Proton Native on Ubuntu 19.04

React, the popular JavaScript library has an imperative role in web development. React Native, a framework to build cross-platform mobile applications is also based on React library. So if we learned React JS, we can work as a web/mobile app developer.

But can we build a native desktop application using React? Yes! using Proton Native. What Proton Native does for desktop app development is similar to what React Native has done for mobile. It uses native components to build native cross-platform desktop applications.

There are some other JavaScript frameworks to build native cross-platform desktop applications like Electron JS, Meteor, NW JS, etc. We can integrate React with these frameworks also. But Proton Native is based on React as default.

So here we are going to discuss the steps in installing Proton Native on our Ubuntu system.

1. Install Nodejs

In the tutorial, we are going to install Proton Native using the Node Package Manager(NPM). So first, we need to install Nodejs on our system.NPM will be installed with Nodejs itself.

So, the latest version of Node.js can be installed on our system using the commands below. Currently, 12.4.0 is the latest version of Nodejs.

curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt-get install -y nodejs


Node Package Manager(NPM) will be installed with the Nodejs itself. But if we can update it to the latest version using the below command.

sudo npm install [email protected] -g

3. Install Proton Native

We have installed Nodejs.  Now we can install Proton Native using Node Package Manager(NPM).

npm install -g create-proton-app

4. Creating a New Proton Native Application

After successful installation of Proton Native, we can now create a new project using create-proton-app.

create-proton-app awesome-project

We can combine the steps 3 and 4 with a single NPX( package runner tool that comes with NPM 5.2+) command.

npx create-proton-app awesome-project

5. Running Our App

Now enter into the project we have created and start our application with the commands below.

cd awesome-project
npm start

This will open a new application window on our windows system.

Have a nice code!

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